Retry failed files

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Re: Retry failed files

Post by DrDrewZA »

This wouldbe useful to me as well - although I would propose a different mechanism.

I would like to be able to set a limit to cache articles that have been downloaded for any failed download that would then be picked up by a new download of any nzb that references the same article before fetching any other articles that either failed initially. So if I could set a limit of say 50GB of local article cache that any article that is downloaded would be cached locally on my hard drive and sabnzbd would check for a local copy of the article before going off to the news server and downloading it, this would obviate a lot of repeat downloading for me and I imagine a lot of other users.

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Re: Retry failed files

Post by safihre »

Yes, but it would also make the code reallllyyyyyy complicated.
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