Release 0.4.0RC2 is available

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Release 0.4.0RC2 is available

Postby shypike » June 1st, 2008, 2:50 pm

SABnzbd-0.4.0 Release Candidate 2 has been released.

Download from : ... _id=207766

Important changes from previous versions:

- RSS setup is simplified (see Wiki)
- RSS and Bookmark rates are now in minutes between scans
  so no longer times per day!
- The group-based folder feature has been removed
- The Newzbin-category based folder feature has been removed
  Use the user-defined categories instead, which is much
  more flexible.
- The Windows binary distribution now comes with a PAR2
  program that supports a multi-core CPU.

Clear your web browser cache!

For anyone upgrading from other than Beta5:
queue.sab and bytes.sab will now have a version identifier in their names.
This prevents the newer release from refusing to work with an old queue and will
not require the user to erase the old queue. The old queue can even
be used again by the older release.
This release uses queue7.sab and bytes7.sab.
Note that using --clean will remove BOTH queues.

Please give feedback in the Beta forum and not in the regular Help and Bugs forums.

* Handle password-protected archives better (no hangups any more, but a message in history)
* Servers that were set to 0 connections (to stop them) caused sometimes problems
* Use http for newzbin if SSL is not available
* Set permissions for full folder paths
* Never overwrite existing files in TV Season feature

* Windows binary distribution now uses a multi-core PAR2 program.
* RSS feed user interface simplified.
* "Standby" is now an end-of-queue option.
* Improved Plush skin
* Improved Smpl skin

* Force logging level to maximum for non-Final releases.
* Removed option "disconnect-on-pause" (always disconnect now)
* Removed group-based folders
* Removed newzbin-based folders (use user-defined categories instead)
* RSS and Bookmark scanrates: interval in minutes
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