Install Failure via Debian contrib repository

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Install Failure via Debian contrib repository

Post by deeezly »

I tried to install the program as per the guide on the wiki on this site. and it installs fine, but when I try to start it, it fails and just hangs.

Code: Select all

matt@Debian-1107-bullseye-amd64-base:~/.sabnzbd$ sabnzbdplus
2023-05-25 21:40:09,936::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1148] --------------------------------
2023-05-25 21:40:09,936::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1149] sabnzbdplus-3.1.1 (rev=99b5a00c12c1d8e17bb3e4a9a98339f5915             2c842)
2023-05-25 21:40:09,936::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1150] Full executable path = /usr/bin/sabnzbdplus
2023-05-25 21:40:09,937::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1160] Platform = posix
2023-05-25 21:40:09,937::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1161] Python-version = 3.9.2 (default, Feb 28 2021, 17:03:44)
[GCC 10.2.1 20210110]
2023-05-25 21:40:09,937::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1162] Arguments = "/usr/bin/sabnzbdplus"
2023-05-25 21:40:09,937::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1166] Not inside a docker container
2023-05-25 21:40:09,937::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1169] Preferred encoding = UTF-8
2023-05-25 21:40:09,937::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1185] SSL version = OpenSSL 1.1.1n  15 Mar 2022
2023-05-25 21:40:09,946::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1194] Certifi version: 2020.06.20
2023-05-25 21:40:09,946::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1195] Loaded additional certificates from: /etc/ssl/certs/ca-cer             tificates.crt
2023-05-25 21:40:09,946::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1240] Using INI file /home/matt/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini
2023-05-25 21:40:09,947::INFO::[postproc:140] Loading postproc queue
2023-05-25 21:40:09,947::INFO::[__init__:951] [N/A] /home/matt/.sabnzbd/admin/Rating.sab missing
2023-05-25 21:40:09,947::INFO::[scheduler:205] Setting schedule for midnight BPS reset
2023-05-25 21:40:09,948::INFO::[config:857] Writing settings to INI file /home/matt/.sabnzbd/sabnzbd.ini
2023-05-25 21:40:09,949::INFO::[__init__:349] All processes started
2023-05-25 21:40:09,949::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:303] Template location for Glitter is /usr/share/sabnzbdplus/int             erfaces/Glitter
2023-05-25 21:40:09,949::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:303] Template location for Config is /usr/share/sabnzbdplus/inte             rfaces/Config
2023-05-25 21:40:09,950::INFO::[misc:988] [N/A] Running external command: ['/usr/bin/unrar']
2023-05-25 21:40:09,952::INFO::[misc:988] [N/A] Running external command: ['/usr/bin/par2', '-h']
2023-05-25 21:40:09,955::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:404] SABYenc module (v4.0.2)... found!
2023-05-25 21:40:09,955::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:423] Cryptography module (v3.3.2)... found!
2023-05-25 21:40:09,955::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:428] par2 binary... found (/usr/bin/par2)
2023-05-25 21:40:09,955::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:435] UNRAR binary... found (/usr/bin/unrar)
2023-05-25 21:40:09,955::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:445] UNRAR binary version 6.00
2023-05-25 21:40:09,955::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:455] 7za binary... NOT found!
2023-05-25 21:40:09,956::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:460] unzip binary... NOT found!
2023-05-25 21:40:09,956::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:464] nice binary... found (/usr/bin/nice)
2023-05-25 21:40:09,956::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:468] ionice binary... found (/usr/bin/ionice)
2023-05-25 21:40:09,957::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1427] Starting web-interface on
2023-05-25 21:40:09,957::INFO::[_cplogging:219] [25/May/2023:21:40:09] ENGINE Bus STARTING
2023-05-25 21:40:09,958::INFO::[_cplogging:219] [25/May/2023:21:40:09] ENGINE Started monitor thread '_Timeo             utMonitor'.
2023-05-25 21:40:10,076::INFO::[_cplogging:219] [25/May/2023:21:40:10] ENGINE Serving on             80
2023-05-25 21:40:10,077::INFO::[_cplogging:219] [25/May/2023:21:40:10] ENGINE Bus STARTED
2023-05-25 21:40:10,077::INFO::[sabnzbdplus:1464] Starting sabnzbdplus-3.1.1
2023-05-25 21:40:10,078::INFO::[postproc:232] Completed Download Folder /home/matt/Downloads/complete is not              on FAT
2023-05-25 21:40:10,080::INFO::[dirscanner:117] Dirscanner starting up
2023-05-25 21:40:10,085::INFO::[urlgrabber:96] URLGrabber starting up
2023-05-25 21:40:10,086::INFO::[panic:239] Launching browser with
2023-05-25 21:40:10,092::INFO::[notifier:122] Sending notification: SABnzbd - SABnzbd 3.1.1 started (type=st             artup, job_cat=None)
2023-05-25 21:40:10,093::INFO::[zconfig:71] No Bonjour/ZeroConfig support installed

Not really sure what to do here, I thought it would be an easy painless install via the repo. Anyone else have this issue?
OS - Debian 11

Edit: I just realized the program is running and listning on port 8080 but I'm getting "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED"
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Re: Install Failure via Debian contrib repository

Post by Puzzled »

The version available in Debian is ancient. You'd be better of running it from source. Unpack it or check out with git and then run "python3 -m pip install -r requirements.txt" to install the requirements.

I'm not sure if that will fix your problem though. Are you trying to contact it from the same server as it's running on?
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